Hon'ble Urban Development Minister Shri Suresh Bhardwaj inspected our on-going ambitious project for development of sewage scheme for leftover area of Smart City Dharamshala. The Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 14 lakh liter per day will be the example of Mechanized Natural Treatment System.
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Solutions for Air Pollution Control

Rebound Enviro Tech Pvt. Ltd. has aimed to the implementation of innovative air pollution control and monitoring systems. Hence‚ to provide turnkey systems to accomplish the best technological solution at the lowest capital and running costs. We assist the various establishments to comply with emission regulations through an expert view. The company offers a range of pollution control systems‚ including‚ biofilters‚ venturi and vortex scrubbers (wet and dry)‚ packed towers as well as online monitoring appliances for list of pollutants as desired by the customers.


The company offers cost effective solutions for customer requirements through a comprehensive range of services‚ innovative and modern technologies‚ as follows:

  • Supply and maintenance‚ air quality monitoring systems
  • Implementation of online monitoring systems
  • Measurements of indoor and outdoor air quality parameters
  • Implementation of odour control systems
  • Implementation of scrubbing‚ and condensing technology
  • Design and Implementation of soluble contamination capture and recovery systems
  • Design and Implementation of particulate removal systems
  • Hazardous and toxic flue gas cleanup systems
  • Maintenance of odour control and industrial APC equipment

We also support our clients with:

  • Engineering design studies for desired purpose
  • Design contracts as per the customer needs
  • Conducting pilot studies
  • Hire of temporary odour control and air pollution control systems
  • Expert advice on commissioning of newer systems

In summation‚ to provide above services‚ the organization also offers offer emissions close to zero‚ and at the most economical cost for all procedures. The several catalytic and thermal oxidation processes for the reduction of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOC)‚ NH3 or NOx are being installed in a cost effective manner.