Hon'ble Urban Development Minister Shri Suresh Bhardwaj inspected our on-going ambitious project for development of sewage scheme for leftover area of Smart City Dharamshala. The Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 14 lakh liter per day will be the example of Mechanized Natural Treatment System.
  • 34, MMR Snow Pines, Civil Lines, Dharamshala, 176215

Environmental Education and Awareness

The deficiency of awareness towards environmental education has hampered local as well as global sustainable initiatives.s. Environmental education and dissemination of appropriate approach is a key to save our precious environments‚ including water‚ air‚ soil‚ natural resources‚ etc. Therefore‚ empowering our citizens through environmental education may play a significant roll in decision-making that will determine the direction of development. India is the nation of villages and about 75% population resides in rural areas and mostly unaware of environmental issues and existing systems of resource management. The long-term sustainable for development can only be achieved through participation and support of communities.


Rebound Enviro Tech Pvt. Ltd. is committed to establish a closer relationship with the grassroots‚ village based non-governmental organizations; revitalizing extension services; and the promotion of environmental awareness and education with the following objectives

  • to promote‚ ensure and sustain sound environmental management in the process of nation building‚
  • to continue the economic‚ social and cultural progress and enhancement of the quality of life of our citizens‚ through environmentally sound and sustainable development‚
  • to increase environmental awareness by gathering‚ processing‚ disseminating and exchanging regional and international information on environmental and sustainable development issues‚
  • to support the development of capacity of Indian NGOs and community-based organizations to respond to environmental issues through improved environmental education resources and training activities and
  • to organize short-term courses‚ training programmes‚ seminars and workshops on a range of subjects related to environment and sustainable development.

It is hoped that the above said objectives will promote a sustainable development and will empower nations.