Hon'ble Urban Development Minister Shri Suresh Bhardwaj inspected our on-going ambitious project for development of sewage scheme for leftover area of Smart City Dharamshala. The Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 14 lakh liter per day will be the example of Mechanized Natural Treatment System.
  • 34, MMR Snow Pines, Civil Lines, Dharamshala, 176215

Green Solutions for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

The experts from Rebound Enviro Tech Pvt. Ltd. have made advances in the development of the "Eco-technology� for treatment and reuse of sewages at negligible O&M. The �Eco-technology� based sewage treatment plant entitled �Constructed Wetland� is one of the most effective and efficient natural treatment technology. In the recent time‚ the Eco-technology projects being are proceeding at thousands of locations around the globe‚ including India because of several benefits offered. It utilizes the nature�s potential to treat wastewater may work out to be more inexpensive than the conventional technological options. The installation prices are typically lower because these installations use standard or slightly modified earthen structures and patterns. The operating costs are almost negligible as compared to the conventional treatment systems. Lower operating costs as easily as passing on the best quality of treated effluent not in terms of physical-chemically but also bacteriologreen


Some of the salient benefits of the treatment technology are as follows:

  • Typically 1.5 square meters per meter cube of wastewater handling‚
  • Can be implemented in whatever sort of landscape‚
  • Can be used in both portrait or landscape‚
  • No odor‚ no chemical requirement‚
  • Compatible quality of treated effluent‚
  • Effective in pathogen removal‚
  • Negligible O&M required as compared with conventional STPs‚ and recover its total cost in 4.2 years.

All components and safety equipment bear the manufacturer�s warranty are being provided by organizing with the technology providers.